Margin boost on Topps collectables

A similar deal is in place between Panini and rival toy distributor Click Distribution

Stores are reporting higher margins on Topps collectables due to a deal between the supplier and toy distributor Asmodee UK. 

The company, known as Esdevium Games until shortly before the deal, partnered with Topps in January 2020 to provide stores with access to stickers and cards on a higher-margin and firm-sale basis, rather than the sale-or-return terms available through news wholesalers

A similar deal is in place between Panini and rival toy distributor Click Distribution. 

Andrew Howell of Loch Lomond News, who won Collectables Retailer of the Year at the Fed awards last month, is one of those taking advantage of the partnerships. He told betterRetailing: “The toy wholesalers offer higher margins, are often better stocked, and have merchandise in better condition. They are firm sale, though. For new collectables, I generally go 50/50 between news and toy distributors, but with something I know will sell, I’ll go for 80%-100% toy distributor because of those better margins.” 

“With Asmodee’s strong sales force and commercial focus in toy retail, it’s a winning formula,” said Topps UK sales director Stephen Conner at the time of the deal. 

Asmodee offers stores a range of board games, non-Topps collectables and licensed merchandise. 

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