Daily Mail

DMG Media has announced price rises and maintained margins for its weekday and weekend editions of the Daily Mail.

From 8 August, the publisher will be increasing the Monday-to-Friday Daily Mail by 10p, from 80p to 90p, with the margin maintained at 22.3%, giving retailers the chance to earn 2.23p more per copy, up from 17.85p to 20.1p.

In addition, Saturday’s edition is set to rise by 10p, from £1.20 to £1.30. Again, margins will be maintained at 21%, with store owners earning 2.1p more per copy, up from 25.2p to 27.3p.

DMG Media’s head of circulation, Shaun Jones, said: “The Daily Mail remains the UK’s bestselling daily newspapers thanks to the help and support of retailers and home news delivery providers. We are therefore delighted to maintain current retail terms with these cover price increases.”

The Fed‘s national president, Jason Birks, said: “This is a very positive move from DMG and shows its support for retailers across the UK. I have personally spoken to the Mail’s circulation director Shaun Jones and thanked him. This announcement also comes with a message from Mr Jones that these price increases will incorporate a huge push on physical print sales.

“During our conversation, Jones also placed on record his thanks for the help and support of retailers and home news delivery operators,  as without this, the Daily Mail would not have become the UK’s bestselling daily newspaper.”

The news comes a week after independent retailers were hit again with a raft of price rises, alongside margin cuts by Reach on its weekday and Saturday editions of the Daily Mirror across the UK.

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