Hancocks adds to vegan range ahead of Veganuary

The wholesaler has lines from Bubs, Kingsway, Swizzels, Vimto, Rowntrees and more

hancocks veganuary 2023

Hancocks has unveiled its selection of vegan sweets ahead of Veganuary.

The wholesaler is urging retailers to consider stocking vegan confectionery, which it says has grown in line with the number of people following a meat- and dairy-free diet. Four percent of people in the UK now follow a vegan lifestyle.

Among Hancocks’ pick and mix range is the Kingsway range, featuring Tongue Painters, Giant Strawberries, Sour Dummies and Dracula Teeth. Kingsway also offers a fizzy range, including Fizzy Twin Cherries, Fizzy Blue Jelly Babies, Fizzy Cola Bottles, Fizzy Sour Apples and Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles.

Hancocks has also brought back the Bubs range, such as Skulls in Cool Melon, Cool Cola, Sour Raspberry and Lemon varieties.

New Bubs launches for 2023 include Dizzy Skulls, Wild Strawberry and Pomegranate Ovals, Cool Passion and Pineapple Skulls and Sour Bolt.

The wholesaler also has a branded range, with products from Swizzels, Vimto, Pez and Rowntrees.

Chris Smith, marketing communications manager at Hancocks, said: “Veganuary is a huge movement that has grown year on year. We encourage retailers to ensure they have plenty of stock to appeal to customers taking part in Veganuary and at the beginning of the year, when customers may be looking for treats that adhere to their new year’s resolutions.”

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