Perfetti Van Melle targets young shoppers with Mentos Sour Gum

The supplier says research shows younger demographics prefer tangy sour flavours to traditional mint flavours

mentos sour gum

Perfetti Van Melle has expanded its Mentos brand with the launch of a Sour Gum range.

The sugar-free range is available in Strawberry and Green Apple varieties. Each flavour comes in a pocketable bottle with 15 pieces of gum, at an RRP of £1.

Currently, the sour gum subcategory is growing annually by 45%, with apple and strawberry popular flavour profiles, especially among younger gum consumers.

Kim McMahon, brand manager of Mentos Gum, said: “Research shows tangy sour flavours hold more appeal for younger demographics than traditional mint flavours. Mentos Sour Gum will introduce younger consumers to the Mentos Gum brand and improve category consideration for the rest of the range.

“We’ve given a lot of thought to the taste experience during development, the crunchy outer shell gives way to the satisfying texture of the liquid fruit centre, combining to give this delicious sugar-free gum its unique sour taste.”

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