Half of retail job applicants lying on CVs

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Shop owners face more fibs from job applicants than nearly any other sector according to a new survey of job applicants.

Retail employees were the second most likely to lie on a job application, with 48% of those surveyed admitting to putting down false information.

Educational background is the most likely piece of information to be untrue, with 67% of fibbers saying they made up elements of their education. Behind this followed their work experience (56%) and what skills they possessed (56%).

Worryingly, nearly four in five retail truth benders have never been found out by actual or potential employers.

“I’ve never caught someone lying but I wouldn’t be surprised by it. Hiring for retail is a lot more about what the applicant is like in person than on paper, and it’s a lot more difficult for small retailers to check,” said Londis retailer Nishi Patel.

Adzuna, who ran the survey said one retail respondent told them: “I lied saying I had previously worked at a place that had closed down, so I was unable to get a reference for it.” Another said they had allowed a friend to use their number as a reference.

By Jack Courtez Avatar
By Jack Courtez 27 Feb, 2018



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