‘We are not just another convenience store’ – Avtar Sidhu

Avtar Sidhu and his wife Sukhi share their experience in retail, and why knowing your customers is one of the significant keys to a successful business.

Avtar Sidhu and his wife Sukhi speak to Steve Denham about why being different gives them an advantage

It may seem obvious, but really knowing your customers is one of the significant keys to a successful business. Spending time with Avtar & Sukhi Sidhu at their Kenilworth Simply Fresh store and one soon can see that they both easily enter into conversation with many of their customers. Of course just having a chat to be sociable is fine, but in the few years that Avtar & Sukhi have owned and operated their store they have gained a deep insight about what their customers actually want to buy.

Avtar told me that they have a number of Americans among their customers and they love peanut butter. It’s sad to say, but Sun-Pat doesn’t provide them with an authentic taste of home. While they don’t offer an imported brand they have found a brand and size of tub that suits their American customers.

Another range that they provide is ‘Free From’ products. Each of the three visits I have made to the store has revealed a process of experimentation with the products being stocked. Currently the products are displayed across the store within their relevant categories. As someone who has experienced the challenges of allergic reactions to food I appreciate the effort that Avtar & Sukhi are putting in to develop this range.

All around the store it is obvious that they don’t want to be seen as just another convenience store. The work that they undertook during last summer speaks loudly about the importance they place on meeting the needs of their customers.


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