Vip Panchmatia – Andover

Vip Panchmatia runs a Hexagon Store in Andover.  Hexagon Stores are part of the Mace symbol group and Vip has found following their tried and tested advice, invaluable.

‘We follow a strict planogram from Mace and we also follow Cadbury for confectionery. However in certain areas of the shop we tailor it to our requirements,’ he says.

The show has its own pound zone area where all the items are on sale for a pound or less.

‘The pound zone area is very popular with the customers and although the margins are low, it is good as it keeps the customers happy and coming back for more and when they are in the shop, they will buy other products as well,’ says Mr Panchmatia.

He does his utmost to make sure the shop never runs out of a particular brand or product and has a wide range catering to all different ages and types of customer.

‘If a customer comes into a shop and they don’t find what they want, then they will stop coming. So we make sure our availability is top notch. We take pride in our merchandising and we fully face all our labels,’ he says.


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