Seeing the shop through our customers’ eyes

There is a shop I visit on a daily basis. I must admit, I’m slightly obsessed with it.

As I walk in, the new automatic door slides open for me, I smile as I remember the antics of getting through the old door with a pram and three bags of shopping! I glance at the promotion posters, there are some great offers on again this month.

The shop smells good, sausage rolls are baking and the coffee machine is hard at work grinding beans for the men from the Water Company who have been burrowing into most of the streets in the area recently.

The lights are bright and welcoming in this shop but why are the cigarette gantry lights out? I remind myself that since the frame went up to house the Berlin Wall, lights won’t be needed in this area anyway!

Looking around this shop, I see potential. I read an article in the Hull Daily Mail last week that said the migrant population has trebled in the last 10 years in this area, and most of the migrants are Polish. Why then does this shop not offer any home comforts for this growing population? I know I’d be lost without Yorkshire Tea and crumpets if I moved abroad!

I walk to the chilled cabinets. This section grows bigger every time I look at it. Today there is fresh pizza, pasta and peppered steak. That’s dinner sorted!

On the whole, this shop looks loved. Everything is labelled, promotions are boasted about and the shelves are clean and tidy.

As I walk past the counter, I listen in on a conversation. The assistant is telling a lady that she’s really pleased to see she’s out of hospital and looking so well.

This makes me proud. You see, this shop that I visit on a daily basis is ours. The shelves I look at and the range I select from is chosen by us.

Without our customers loyalty, we wouldn’t survive so by listening to them and seeing the shop through their eyes, we continue to go from strength to strength.

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