One year on: Freddy and Jackie Camp

Freddy and Jackie Camp are continuing to make many campers happy by keeping prices down at their shop on a holiday park in Devon. 

How has business been over the past year?

Our location means business is very seasonal but compared to other years, we have been enjoying a roaring trade. We have increased the number of PMPs and have also built a special bay that only features products costing £1.

Are any particular marketing strategies paying dividends?

Yes. Being part of the Premier group is giving us a lot of exposure and savvy customers are often coming into our store asking for special deals that are advertised in The Sun. The Surf washing powder and multi-pack Coke promotions were popular.

Why aren’t you tempted to raise your mark-up considering your location?

We could probably get away with it as there are no other shops near, but we are committed to proving that convenience holiday shopping isn’t simply a rip-off. The last thing you want when you come away is to go back home sunburned and broke. 

Is your fresh produce still selling as well?

More than ever. Thanks to our strong partnership with a local butcher we are doing amazing fresh meat deals and customers can’t get enough. We do a two-for-five pound deal on packs of meat and cross-sell with our handy disposable barbecue sets and cooking range.

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