Eddie Pool – Super Valu

Eddie Poole is part of the symbol group, Musgrave Supervalu, and is an avid follower of their planograms when it comes to planning the layout of his shop.

He says: ‘We assess what products sell well in the shop at certain times of the year and then we go by their planograms. So by and large we follow their practices.  We have main facings of what sells and we do stock rotation. We have display arms on the shelves and we use these to advertise special offers. We look at our sales figures on a weekly basis so we can work out what is selling well and what needs to be displayed prominently.’

His next plan is to develop the butchery section and make it larger.

‘We have an off-sale (off-licence), a post office, a newsagent section, dairy area, plus a sandwich area and deli. I can’t really think of anything we don’t sell.’

He is very excited at being a finalist and says: ‘The local paper is doing a write up on me being a finalist and they are also running a story after the awards ceremony as well’.


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