‘Hangover cure’ drink Bounce Back available from Costco nationwide

The supplier aims to drive sales from the busy social season leading up to Christmas

bounce back costco

Bounce Back, a sparkling functional drink that aims to help prevent hangovers, is now available nationwide from Costco.

The drink initially launched last year across five of the wholesaler’s sites, and has also secured a nationwide listing at Asda.

Available in a 250ml can with a £2 RRP, it features a blend of 17 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and prebiotics. It is also the first drink in the UK with choline, a nutrient which supports healthy liver function.

It is designed for consumers to take before going to bed after a night out to make the day after easier.

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The supplier anticipates interest from shoppers ahead of the busy festive season. Google search data shows that shoppers consistently look for ways to cure a hangover from mid-November through to Christmas.

Dhruv Trivedi, co-founder of Bounce Back, said: “The timing of our rollout across supermarket shelves comes at a perfect time for customers too, as we enter the party season and our social lives begin to ramp up with Christmas parties and festive celebrations.

“This busy social life, teamed with the darker, colder mornings, can make it hard to get out of bed even on our best day, which is why we’ve used our background in biochemistry to develop a drink – backed by science – that helps those with busy lifestyles and active social lives to wake up feeling ready to take on the day.”

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