Costco announces listing of ‘post-social replenishment’ drink Bounce Back

The drink is designed for people to drink after a night out to prevent negative after-effects

bounce back costco

Bounce Back Drinks, which styles itself as the first “post-social replenishment drink”, has announced a listing with Costco.

The wholesaler is stocking 12-pack cases of the brand’s Raspberry variety in its Glasgow, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool and Haydock sites.

Bounce Back, available in 250ml cans, contains 17 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and prebiotics and is designed for users to drink after a night out to minimise any after-effects of drinking alcohol.

Kevin Fowler, commercial director at Bounce Back Group, said: “This is a really exciting time for Bounce Back as we drive increased brick and mortar listings following consumer demand. As our brand continues to grow, we’re focused on securing important listings with key retailers and landing Costco is a significant step forward for us.

“We’re also looking forward to supporting Costco on the listing with a major strategic sampling campaign and fulfilling uplifted demand pre and during the festive party season, a key time of year for our sales.”

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