Halewood unveils JJ rebrand

Removing the 'Whitley' from the name gives the brand a 'cleaner and more streamlined image', the supplier says

jj rebrand

Halewood Artisanal Spirits has rebranded JJ Whitley, now simply naming it ‘JJ’.

The rebrand retains the brand’s embossed detailing across its bottles, but removes its traditional tree emblem and the ‘Whitley’ wording to give what the supplier calls a “cleaner and more streamlined image”.

JJ Whitley launches Lemon Citron vodka

These changes will be reflected across the entire JJ range, including its Party Flavours range of 20% ABV drinks including Toffee Popcorn and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Poppy Williams, group marketing manager at Halewood, said: “JJ is a vibrant, modern British brand with a range of award-winning gins and vodkas in on-trend flavours. We wanted to bring the packaging in line with this, which is why we have opted for a stripped back, sleeker design, whilst still retaining the ‘family distillers’ messaging that remains so important to us from a quality and provenance perspective.”

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