Greek cheese snacks launch to indies through Cotswold Fayre

Dodoni is Greece's leading cheese and dairy company

dodoni cheese thins

Greek dairy company Dodoni has made its range of feta- and halloumi-based Cheese Thins available to UK convenience retailers through Cotswold Fayre.

The epxansionfollows the brand’s successful listings with Marks & Spencer and Ocado. It is available in Feta Tomato & Oregano, Feta Jalapeno Chilli and Halloumi Caramelised Onion varieties.

Cotswold Fayre launches frozen and lifestyle range

Each variety comes in a 22g grab bag with a £1.75 RRP.

The snacks are made with Greek Feta PDO and Cypriot halloumi and are baked, rather than fried, lowering their calorie count. They are also gluten-free.

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