Cash prizes for retailers through JTI’s ‘Go for Gold’ prize draw

Five retailers have the chance to win £50,000 each, with hundreds of smaller prizes also available

jti go for gold mayfair

JTI has launched an in-depot ‘Go for Gold’ prize draw offering cash prizes to mark the launch of its latest ultra-value cigarette, Mayfair Gold.

The prize draw, which runs until 1 December 2023, is offering five retailers the chance to win cash prizes of £50,000 each, as well as hundreds of smaller prizes.

For a chance to win, retailers need to purchase an outer of Mayfair Gold at one of 50 selected wholesalers across England, Wales and Scotland. Every outer purchased equals an entry, with no limit on the number of times a retailer can enter.

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Smaller prizes include £10 Amazon vouchers for retailers who participate in the in-depot ‘Stop the Clock’ game. Retailers must stop a counter at exactly 10.9999 seconds to win a voucher, with a consolation prize for participants.

The full list of participating wholesalers can be found here. Retailers can find out more about the prize draw by speaking to their local JTI business adviser.

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