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Worth £3.6bn and growing by 6.2% year on year, there’s plenty of opportunities to capture sales of crisps, snacks and nuts (CSN). betterRetailing joins KP Snacks at two retailers’ shops to improve their range to meet shopper missions



Exempt from HFSS restrictions, tasty and natural nuts shoppers spend 2.3 times more

1 in 5

On average, one in five convenience baskets contain bagged snacks


Sandra Hall
Senior category manager
KP Snacks



ARJ PATEL Premier Cavendish Square, Swindon
Arj Patel
Premier Cavendish Square, Swindon

“We’re based in a residential area in Swindon and have a mix of customers, from young children to elderly. We have a Post Office in store and there’s a couple of schools nearby. CSN is a category we’re always focused on and looking for ways to improve, as it’s a category where we’re able to compete with the multiples. We want to further increase our sales and we’re excited to make some changes.”

The crisps and snacks fixture at Premier Cavendish Square


“Shoppers have a range of missions and the changes we’ll make to Arj’s range will help him meet as many of these as possible. To help, it’s imperative we ensure Arj’s fixture focuses on a core range of top-sellers, which are easy to find, so customers can pick up what they need. We’ll introduce some of our bestselling lines, like KP Nuts, we’ll vertically block the range to improve shopability and secondary site them to boost impulse sales.”


  1. Vertical blocking: to make Arj’s crisps and snacks fixture easier to navigate, we’ll display his bestselling brands vertically, blocking similar products together

  2. New formats: we’ll introduce multipacks and increase sharing price-marked packs to help Arj capitalise on a strong growth area and offer his customers more choice

  3. Ease of shopping: we’ll relocate Arj’s nuts range to the same fixture as crisps and snacks, and merchandise to follow a flow of ‘good, better, best’ to improve ease of shop



Avtar Sidhu
St Johns Budgens, Kenilworth, Warwickshire

“We’re in an affluent area and, as a result, premiumisation within CSN is a key shopper mission – but consumer habits are changing quickly, and value is important to many shoppers. From the visit today, we’re hoping to look at the category as a whole and the role it can play within other categories, like food to go and as part of a meal deal or merchandised in the beers, wines and spirits (BWS) area.”

The crisps, snacks and nuts (CSN) fixture at St John’s Budgens, Kenilworth


“Crisps, snacks and nuts drive impulse sales if you stock the right range and formats. To ensure Avtar is maximising opportunities to drive impulse purchases around the store we’ll increase cross-category merchandising and add a secondary siting at the till. Nuts are exempt from HFSS legislation and perfect for this as they partner well with other categories, like alcohol. We’ll also be introducing new products to cater to different missions.”


  1. Offer choice: to give shoppers more options, we’ll merchandise the bestselling McCoy’s lines within the meal deal. Choice is the biggest barrier when buying a meal deal

  2. Blocking brands: to help customers fi nd the products they want quickly and boost impulse sales, we’ll group formats and brands together, like sharing and £1 PMP bags

  3. Secondary sitings: We’ll add KP Nuts at the till point, as they’re exempt from HFSS legislation, and with the BWS fixture to boost cross-category purchases


1Maximise your space by focusing on a core range of top sellers plus a selection of new products to keep the fixture exciting

2Use secondary sitings at the till and cross-merchandise with other categories, such as food to go, to boost impulse sales

3Maximise promotional opportunities, such as meal deals and price-marked packs, to offer greater value to shoppers

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