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Whisky prices cheap comparison

Comparing the prices of whisky

Behind the numbers

With whisky a major festive gift sales driver, this week’s data shows there are opportunities for retailers to review their pricing across a range of brands and bottle sizes, with seven out of the 12 lines examined sold above their most-common prices by at least 35% of retailers. 

Fifty-one per cent of retailers are charging as much as £27.99 for Jameson Irish Whiskey 70cl, £8 higher than the most-common price set by £19.99. Similarly, on the more premium end of the spectrum, 48% of retailers are selling Johnnie Walker Black Label for as much as £39.99, giving the 51% selling it for £29.99 food for thought. 

In smaller formats, The Famous Grouse’s 10cl bottle is priced by 44% of retailers at as much as £5, compared with £3.99 set by 55%. 

Conversely, 82% of retailers are selling Glenfiddich Single Malt at its most-common price of £41.99, which is the highest most-common price out of all 70cl bottle sizes analysed. 


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