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Rum price comparison

Comparing the prices of rum

Behind the numbers

Despite rum growing twice as fast as overall spirits within the off-trade, this week’s data shows retailers are being competitive with their pricing, with the majority charging the most-common price on 11 lines. But there are opportunities to boost profits.

Larger formats are key. Thirty-eight per cent charge up to £35.99 for Bacardi Carta Blanca 1l, significantly higher than the £21.99 charged by the 59% majority. This line is the highest gap between the highest and most-common price out of all lines examined this week.

Similarly, 40% of retailers are charging up to £28.19 for Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 1l, more than £6 higher than the most-common price set by 58%.

Dead Man’s Fingers shows the least potential to increase profits, with 88% sticking to the most-common price of £22.49 for its 70cl Mango variety and 74% doing the same for its Spiced 70cl variety.

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