What can you learn from convenience stores in Sweden?

One Stop retailer Joga and Aman Uppal find out how convenience stores in Stockholm, Sweden are tapping into health trends.

Retailers need to focus on healthier drinks and snacks, and maximise impulse purchases as often as possible to succeed.

That was the advice from Joga Uppal, owner of One Stop Mount Nod in Coventry, after visiting Stockholm in Sweden with his brother Aman to find out how convenience stores compete.

“The only alcohol that can be sold outside of state licence is 3.5% ABV or under, and the smoking rate in Sweden is under 5%,” he told Retail Express.

“These stores prove that you can compete with food and healthier lines.”

Protein and functional drinks and healthy snacks were prevalent in the city centre shops the duo visited, with brands like Red Bull claiming a lot of space.

“Impulse was very important in the shops we visited,” he said.

“We want to get our products in people’s faces more, so we’re now looking to cut down facings in our main soft drinks chiller, add in protein drinks, and have more impulse fridges around the store.”

Last year, Joga and Aman were recognised for having the best Shop Layout at the Independent Achievers Academy.

“We were on the lookout for new ways to build on that. Dual-siting is part of the Academy’s advice, so we know we’re on the right lines,” he added.


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