Walkers helps retailers give back to their local communities

For many areas in the UK, local convenience stores are at the heart of the community. The retailers running them have evolved their stores to be more than just places where people can grab the essentials and made them into hubs of support for community initiatives. 

Earlier this year, Walkers gave ten lucky retailers the opportunity to win £2,000 each to support their local neighbourhood, recognising the pivotal role that convenience stores play within their communities.  

One of these winners was Chris Cobb, from Cults Stores Keystore in Aberdeen (see below). Chris has used the money to support a number of community clubs and initiatives, including his local swimming, cricket and bowling clubs. The winnings will go towards those affected by the cost-of-living crisis who are struggling to pay entry or competition fees and help a wider range of people to try new activities.  

Chris Cobb, from Cults Stores Keystore, says: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have won this prize. Our community is so important to us and we knew there were several clubs and initiatives that needed our support. Instead of going to just one, we decided to split the money so that we could share the love. The money from Walkers has allowed us to give back to our community and really make a difference.”

Richard Hodgkinson, Chairperson of Cults Otters Amateur Swimming Club, says: “As the local swimming club within the Cults community in Aberdeen, we are really pleased to be supported by our local shop – Cults Stores Keystore – through Walkers’ initiative. We are positive that it will make a big difference to our members, especially during the current climate.”

Mike Chapman, head of wholesale at PepsiCo, added: “Convenience stores have always been an important part of the community but never has this been more the case than in the last few years. Bringing back this competition for a second year was really important to us in acknowledging their importance and being able to give back. We’re delighted to be helping retailers like Chris make a difference in their local communities, furthering PepsiCo’s wider mission to be the best possible partner for its customers.”


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