Take-home ice cream price comparison – Pricewatch

Find out how your store compares on the pricing of take-home ice cream

Behind the numbers

Ice cream tubs have grown by 16% in the past two years, and with premium brands spearheading this growth, how can retailers make sure they’re pricing their ranges correctly? 

Many could review their Häagen-Dazs ranges. Forty-eight per cent of retailers charge up to £6.49 for its Vanilla 460ml variety, compared with the £3 set by 51%. Furthermore, 43% and 44% charge up to £6.39 and £5.99 for Salted Caramel 460ml and Strawberry Cheesecake 460ml, respectively. Carte D’Or Vanilla 1l is similarly priced, with 55% sticking to £3.50 and 44% going as high as £5.99. By contrast, most retailers stick to the most-common price across Ben & Jerry’s flavours, which is also the highest out of all lines analysed. 

All three of the lines examined show similar pricing traits. They all have the same most-common price of £5.50, set by 86% (Chocolate Fudge Brownie), 85% (Phish Food) and 87% (Cookie Dough) of retailers. 

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