Security matters, Protect your store (1/2)

As a retailer I knew that whenever I opened my front door and inviting the public into my store I was potentially also inviting people with criminal intent to come in as well. With stock on open display there is the risk that some of it will not be paid for before it leaves the shop. Then there is the temptation of cash and stock to employees to cope with as well. Even when you have locked up and set your bulgar alarm your stock is still at risk you can get burgled.

Of course this is the lot of any retailer from the largest to the smallest so what can you do to minimise the challenges facing you? I recently received a copy of the NFRN’s newly released DVD ‘Security Matters’ which has been created for its member and is an insight in to they ways that store owners can protect their business from the treat of crime.

The DVD has two programmes one on external treats and the other focuses on the treats from inside your business. It is a professionally produced video that uses a real independent retailer and his staff and shop to help illustrate the challenges that the industry faces.

Both parts of the Security Matters DVD look at the big challenges that independent retailers face and gives guidance about what to do and what not to do when confronted with shop lifting, distraction thief or other scams. It offers good ideas to avoid becoming a victim, suggestions to minimise the external threat include:

  • Train your staff to be vigilant.
  • Try to deter thieves with simple non-verbal communication
  • Never forcefully apprehend a suspect
  • Keep in your mind your safety before you challenge a suspect
  • Always contact the Police with a full report and description

With the huge growth of electronic transactions such as mobile phone pay as you go credit and bill payment as well as credit and debit card payments it is easy to get sucked in to a scam that can cost a substantial amount. The video gives guidance on how not to become a victim to ‘Thief via phone’ scams.

Part 2 is all about how to protect your store from internal problems like staff theft.  Have a look here

Have you been a victim of a shop crime?  What kind of things do you do to keep your safe?  Let us know in the comments below


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