Merchandising with the Masters 2015: Part Two

Getting the merchandising range right is essential to maximising sales.

Optimising your range

"We have a good range of mints and gum but what we lack is advice on which products we should be stocking, especially new launches. My concern is that new launches are passing us by and we’re missing out. We’ve always had the gum over by confectionery and we use the till point for other seasonal promotions or cakes and pastries.”
Paul Hammon, Prestbury Village Stores

Wrigley says

Paul has all the gum and mints together with the confectionery. He has a lot of the right lines already, but could do with removing some and adding some others for the optimum range. It is good that the mints and gum products are together, but having gum on the cash zone is a far more effective way of selling more product than merchandising them in a separate fixture with the confectionery.

Action plan

1) Right stuff
Getting the range right is essential to maximising sales, Simon tells Paul. He recommends Paul stocks new Extra White Bubblemint and 46 Pellet Bottle packs to improve his sales. “As well as the new products, Paul could add in some Hubba Bubba, which would give him access to other markets.”

2) By gum
Simon puts a new gum fixture at the till point and moves the gum across from the old shelves. “Customers expect gum to be at the tillpoint,” he explains, “even if sales are steady with gum elsewhere in the shop, the new location will make a marked difference to the amount of gum you sell on impulse.”

3) Be clear
Clear pricing is also an important part of effective merchandising. It allows customers to see, at a glance, the price of their purchase. Simon leaves Paul with a selection of price stickers, including some blank ones for Paul to add in his own price.


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