‘How to be brilliant’ video tours: Bintesh Amin, Londis

How to be Brilliant – Video Tours: Bintesh Amin, Londis, Blean Village from betterRetailing on Vimeo.

In the third and final video tours from this years Local Shop Summit on “How to be Brilliant”  we visited Bintesh Amin at his Londis store in Blean village.  The videos were designed to showcase 3 very different stores and some of the best practice ideas they implement in them to be successful.  We asked each retailer to think of three areas that they’ve been focusing on recently and to show us what they are and how its affected their business.

Bintesh’s 3 key areas were:

  1. Marketing
  2. Profiling  (understanding who your customers are)
  3. Bespoke (offering bespoke services)

It was a pleasure to visit Binny’s village store.  What was clear right from the start was the real sense of community their and how the customers and the staff really valued each other.  After a few hours filming and having missed breakfast in order to get the train in time we were pretty hungry so we were delighted when Binny offered us one of his signature curry pizza’s to sample.  Its worth the trip just for that!


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