Festival time, get ready!

Pop festivalAs we continue into July, people are excitedly preparing for summer festivals and events that are held across the county every year. Between now and September, most weekends are crammed with dozens of events ranging from mega-gigs to boutique gatherings and sporting events such as parkrun events. The biggest names – like Glastonbury, Reading and the V Festivals – are well established but smaller local and family events are also growing in popularity. Over a million people attend festivals each year and for retailers this can be a massive sales opportunity.

In the run-up to festivals and during the festival itself, customers will use independent retailers and convenience stores to stock up on drinks, sweets, snacks and disposable cameras, which inevitably means sales will be up.

In addition across the country customers will be taking part in local fun runs, marathons or events like the nationwide parkrun 5k, these individuals will be looking for somewhere to purchase extra sports or energy drinks to help keep them hydrated and energised.

Retailers should be proactively taking advantage of any festivals and large community events that take place within their area. They need to ensure they are stocked up on the market leading soft drinks as well as other key impulse lines. By doing this retailers will be able to respond to the expected increase consumer demand, demonstrate their support and commitment to the local community in which they operate and also and more importantly, benefit from increased sales.


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