Exceeding customer service creates terrific memories

On the trip to the USA I flew from Kansas City to Los Angeles with Delta and had a very different bag experience in LA. I scanned my ticket at the kiosk terminal in the baggage claim area and the resulting screen gave me certainty that my bag was on the plane that I travelled on. Above the kiosk was a sign advising when the bags from the flight would start arriving on the carousel. They were on time.

The ability to get certainty that your bags were on your flight is a leap forward in customer service in baggage handling. The advice of bag arrival time is a leap beyond that. Overall it was the best baggage handling experience I have had and far more than I expected.

My low expectations have been set by mediocre experiences at many airports in Australia and elsewhere.

Giving customers a better experience than they expect leaves them with good memories of your business and wishing others were as good as you.

We have to challenge ourselves and ask – how is the customer service we deliver better than the average newsagent or convenience store customer service experience?

Each of us in our own businesses can set the benchmark and deliver better customer service than other stores. We can be known for something over which we have good control in our businesses.


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