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Crisps and snacks price comparison

Comparing the prices of crisps and snacks

The crisps, snacks and nuts category is worth £3.8bn, providing a clear opportunity for retailers to generate higher profits. Most retailers charge the most-common prices, but the pricing of some products can be reviewed. 

For example, Flipz Pretzels Salted Caramel, is sold by 23% of retailers at its most-common price of £1, but with 76% charging more – some going as high as £2.69 – it begs the question: could you be missing out on a higher profit? 

When betterRetailing last reviewed crisps and snacks, 25% of retailers sold Takis Fuego above its most-common price of £1. This year, that proportion has increased to 56%, despite a move towards value, leaving scope for the 43% sticking to £1 to review their pricing. 

Shoppers are more price-conscious on McCoy’s Flame Grilled Steak, with 91% of retailers selling it at £1. Similarly, at least 83% of retailers sell each of the three Walkers lines examined at its most-common price. 

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