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Behind the numbers

With cereal worth more than £70m in the impulse segment, this week’s data shows there is scope for retailers to drive margins across certain non-price-marked lines. 

Take Weetabix 12s. Fifty-five per cent of retailers are charging above the most-common price of £1.95, with some going as high as £2.59. This contrasts with Weetabix 24s, which has 72% of retailers sticking to the most-common price of £3.75. This is 46p higher than the same format’s £3.29 price-marked pack (PMP)

Similar to when we last analysed cereal in Pricewatch, some retailers could stand to review the price of any Quaker products in their ranges. Fifty-five per cent of retailers are charging up to £3.69 for Oat So Simple Original 10-pack, compared with the 43% sticking to £2.75. Additionally, 43% charge up to £3.49 for Oat So Simple Golden Syrup’s 10-pack, a potential opportunity for the 55% continuing to sell it for £3.75. 

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