In-store display – Academy in Action follow-up with Mondelez

In April, Mondelez’s Susan Nash, visited Harj Gill in Birmingham to see how he could improve his in-store display. Three months on, how'd he fare?

In April, Mondelez’s Susan Nash, visited Harj Gill in Birmingham to have a look at how he could utilize his in-store display. Three months on we have a look at his progress.

Harj’s plan

1) Maximise impact by asking for point of- sale from suppliers when buying
promotional stock.
2) Source special point-of-sale signs and trays to tempt purchases of fresh and
local products.
3) Rethink the area by the counter to accommodate displays that will grab a shopper’s attention.

The Results

“We’ve made great progress with putting beers by the take away meal bags. We started out with 4-packs of Cobra but what has really worked has been the 660ml bottles, which really capture the customer’s imagination. We have printed out our own labels for the local meat and been in touch with our egg supplier to get special labels. He says that other people are looking for this too and we are waiting for it to be done. Other changes have taken second place to our business plans. We’ve been inspired and are looking at some big changes for the shop. Watch this space.”

Visit the Independent Achievers Academy page to find out more about Harj’s visit, to develop your own action plan and see similar results in your shop.


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