5 simple ways to increase your wine sales

Wine is an essential part of any celebration or night in, making it a prime category for retailers wishing to drive sales.

However, Bill Roberts, vice president & general manager for E&J Gallo Winery, says wine is still viewed as “too risky” for a lot of consumers, as customers tend to not understand the category. E&J Gallo Winery recently announced a range of new products and campaigns that it hopes will appeal to aspiring customers and make it easier for people to buy wine.

We asked Roberts how retailers can get customers buying more from the category.

1. Ensure that in-store chilled sections are well stocked.

Make sure you have a good selection of chilled white and rosé wines. “Consumers don’t need a million choices, but offering cold rosé and white wine allows customers to drink it that evening,” he says.

2. Cater for the needs of “night in” shoppers.

Display wines and spirits that are suited to the season out of section and alongside other products, such as mixers or snack foods. This allows customers to buy what they need for their night in easier, increase their basket spend and pick up quality wine as part of it.

3. Select products carefully.

Customers are looking for brands that are familiar to them. Roberts says: “Brands give retailers a broader sales opportunity and allows them to experiment.”

4. Cover all price ranges.Apothic-Red-[3]

Stock a selection of wines at a slightly higher price point to encourage customers to trade up and spend more.

5. Take advantage of promotions and highlight them with PoS and special displays.

“E&J Gallo is committed to helping retailers increase sales and continually invests in trade promotions to support its brands,” he says. The brand recently conducted a social media campaign for its Apothic Red varietal and is continuing its multi-channel campaign for Moscato by working with a leading fashion blogger.


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