World of Sweets stocking Gummi Pop Surprise novelty range

The sweets come in a sphere-shaped unit for kids to pop, peel and reveal toys and candies

world of sweets gummi pop surprise

Confectionery distributor World of Sweets is now stocking new Gummi Pop Surprise novelty sweets.

The sweets are available in Unicorn Pets and Motorz varieties, each at an RRP of £3. They include toys and candies inside a sphere-shaped unit that consumers can pop and peel to reveal the toy and candy compartments.

Overall, there are up to 12 Unicorn Pets and 24 Motorz cars to collect. The sweets are also available in branded display cases to further highlight them.

Chris Smith, marketing communications manager at World of Sweets, said: “Children’s novelty products are becoming more and more popular and this year they’ll make the perfect stocking filler. They add another element of excitement – not only are you getting a tasty treat but a fun toy too!

“The Gummi Pop Surprises are the ultimate toy and candy experience and there are so many factors that will excite kids.

“Their collectability element means they’ll be a repeat purchase so they’re definitely worth stocking up on and their unboxing experience will be a fun element for children.

“Having these in-store merchandised in their branded display case means they definitely won’t be missed.”

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