Van Holten Pickles the hot new TikTok craze

Sold in cases of 12, some wholesalers are charging an average of £15 for a pack


Retailers are generating hundreds of pounds in sales from a pickle product made viral on social media.

Van Holten’s Pickles are best-known for their high spice levels, with TikTok users posting videos of themselves trying to eat the product.

Sold in cases of 12, some wholesalers are charging an average of £15 for a pack.

Independent retailers were quick to spot the opportunity, which has helped them generate hundreds of pounds in sales. Serge Notay, of Premier Notay’s in Batley, West Yorkshire, told Better Retailing: “They have been popular for me and I’ve been selling them as part of a pickle kit for £9.99, which includes a bag of Takis crisps and sour sweets. I’ve sold 70 bags of the pickle kit so far.

“I’ve even participated in the craze, posting videos of me attempting to eat the pickle on my store’s TikTok account. The video gained a lot of views.”

Similarly, Mark Dudden, of Albany News & Post Office in Cardiff, added: “I’m not usually a retailer who gets involved in viral trends, but I thought: why not?

“Every little helps at the moment. I’m going to a more niche cash and carry to try to get hold of the pickles.

“I want to act quickly, as I don’t know how long the trend is going to last, but it’s definitely an opportunity for convenience stores to generate more sales right now.”


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