Brhunil Patel’s brother’s passion for technology led to him taking part in the trial of the new PayPoint One terminal. Three months on, Retail Newsagent and PayPoint’s Lauren Menck visit Brhunil to see what he has learned so far

Why did you take part in the PayPoint trial?

brhunil-patelBP: To be honest, we were wondering if we needed it, but my brother is really into technology – he likes to be an early adopter – so we decided to go for it. Now, I wouldn’t go back. It was the right decision.

How has PayPoint One affected you day to day in the store?

BP: It has saved us time. We used to have to do our sales reports by hand, which could take between half an hour and two hours to complete. With PayPoint One everything is uploaded by category and sales at the end of the day, then the payments come out automatically, and we get a consolidated sales report at the end of the day.

How do you think PayPoint One will change your business in the future?

BP: We have a lot more data to draw on and interpret, in ways that were either impossible or incredibly time-consuming before. The new system gives us the information capabilities you’d usually associate with the big retailers, and I’m looking forward to it making us more efficient and competitive.

How do you find the PayPoint One system to use?

BP: It is very easy to use. It takes moments to input specialist or unique products and prices. And it puts in one place so many different functions, from the creation and printing of price labels to individual staff log-ins. And there are videos that allow new staff to be trained very fast.

What is your favourite function of the new PayPoint One system?

BP: I have to spend time away from the business at the cash and carry, and the system allows me to keep track of what is happening while I am out. I can log into the website on my phone, and the detail is fantastic. I can see what’s going on in real time, and so can deal with any problems immediately. It blows my uncle’s mind.

Would you recommend PayPoint One to other retailers?

BP: I would definitely recommend PayPoint One to any retailer looking to take the step from a normal till to EPoS. It’s very user-friendly and the team are really helpful and provide support.