When my wife and I flew with British Airways out of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 on 26th June, it was the day that T5 suffered a failure of its baggage handling system. We were told by the check-in assistant that our suitcases may not get on to the plane. We took this as a precautionary statement by BA and when I read Seth Godin’s blog post for the day I was amused by his guidance for anxious travellers.

We arrived in Porto with no luggage so we had to go shopping for essentials. A convenience store near to the apartment we were staying had all the basics and a trip into the city centre was needed for clothing. I found selecting the right sizes an unsettling process as my British sizing expectations bore no resemblance to the Portuguese equitant. That done we got on with our holiday and letting BA know about our missing cases. We were relieved when most of them caught up with us after 4 days.

When we returned to Heathrow we went to the BA customer service desk in Terminal 5 and met Peter. He is a long service BA employee and proved to be a great brand ambassador. We told that one of our cases had not caught up with us in Porto, as their agents had missed us by 30 minutes at our holiday apartment. He checked on the airline’s delayed and lost baggage system and was able to tell us that the case was being routed back to the UK via Amsterdam and Bristol. It finally arrived 2 days later.

What impressed me about Peter was his calm efficiency in dealing with yet another problem passenger caused by the technical failure of the previous week. His final comments were about how we should proceed with claiming the costs for our unplanned purchases.

Do you have great brand ambassadors on your team who can deal with any situation for you? We would be delighted to hear about them.