The first of our daily insights from RN’s Symbol Spy where shopper psychologist Phillip Adcock looks at what the Symbol groups do well and where they can be better

Before we reach the first store, Mr Adcock makes it clear that, on occasion, he feels as though some retailers are using symbol stores in the wrong way. “Shoppers want value, and value from a convenience store is not getting a product 10p cheaper than a supermarket – because you’re not going to be able to sustain that.” Indeed, retailers should avoid competing on the same terms as the larger supermarkets altogether.

Yet, while journeying around the shops we see numerous examples of stores flagging up deals such as £3 for a bottle of Surf, which Mr Adcock is doubtful would beat the price available at the major supermarkets. “They have to find another angle, such as the brilliant idea of having parcel collection from your local store. It gives customers a unique reason to come to your store and it then doesn’t matter if you’re more expensive than Tesco.”