What is the most successful idea you’ve ever tried out in your business?
Our new shop has a wall full of chillers and each one is for a different category – meat, dairy, alcohol and fruit and vegetables – which makes it easy to navigate.

What is the best advice you have received?
Stay happy! You’ve got to be cheerful in your job because if you are not, it shows. People have a good experience if you are positive.

Who is your retail inspiration?
We used to live in the house where the lady who started Yeo Valley lived. We visited the factory to see how the company was run and they haven’t lost that friendly, family feel. They retain commitment to independent retailers, despite being stocked in all the supermarkets. They were one of the first suppliers we contacted when we started trading.

What do you think is the biggest missed opportunity that independent retailers should cash in on?
I run a post office too and we have regular meetings with other retailers to discuss ideas and mutual experiences. I don’t think many retailers do that.

What’s next for your business?
We tripled in size recently so for the next two or three years we need to consolidate and settle in. It’s a huge leap. But we have already been talking to the shop fitters this week about expanding our food and relocating a DIY section.