Last year Wrigley’s Merchandising with the Masters programme helped Sandeep Bains to boost his gum sales by 53% through effective merchandising. RN meets this year’s retailers

Retailer: Ushma Amin, Londis, London Road, Sutton

“Our unit is old, with dated branding, but it’s in the right place next to the tills. Gum is a great product for us – it has a good profit margin and doesn’t take up much space. We don’t stock Extra bottles, so I’ll be interested to see the impact these have on our sales.”

Retailer: Amita Patel, News, Food & Wine, Sutton

“We sell around 10 boxes of gum a week. Extra Ice is our bestseller, and now the bottles are selling well too. However, we realise that we could see even stronger sales by making the bottles more visible to customers.”

Expert Advice: Raj Jadeja​​​​​​​, Field sales representative, Wrigley

“Gum is an impulsive category. To maximise sales, gum should be prominently positioned at till points in line with the shoppers’ vision which is exactly what both Ushma and Amita have done. However, there are still opportunities to increase sales through dual-sitting in both stores.”

Mentor: Sandeep Bains​​​​​​​, Simply Fresh, Faversham

After taking part in last year’s project with Wrigley, I saw my sales increase by 53 percent just by taking a few simple steps. Both retailers will benefit from their new units and stocking the right products. I’m excited to see the results.”

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