As part of a new column called My Local Hero, each week Retail Newsagent will be speaking to retailers about what local products sell best in their stores.

DSC_0294-696x313This week Peter Lamb, of Lambs Larder in Bells Yew Green, East Sussex, has shared why homemade flapjacks have proved a winner.

Where did you discover it?

A lady called Zoe who lives in the village and works part time in the shop saw that we had brought flapjacks and cake and said she could do better. She is a good baker and since we started four years ago we have gone from flapjacks to selling brownies and other cakes as well.

Who buys it?

A lot of people who come in for a coffee from our machine tend to buy them. Because we are by the station people get them on their way to and from work. We put out samples for people to try when we first started and we now sell hundreds every week.

Why is it so successful?

I think people believe they are better for you and they probably are and they don’t have any preservatives. Even though they are more expensive at £1.20 than the brought in ones (which are 70p) people see her bringing them in showing that they are always fresh.

Next we will be speaking to David Ingham, of Spar Bath Street in Warwickshire, about Purity Brewery beers.

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