As founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Martha Stewart has gained success through a variety of business ventures.

She has written numerous best-selling books, is the publisher of the Martha Stewart Living magazine, and hosted two television series.

Stewart is of entirely Polish heritage and grew up in the US. At 15 she began modelling, and paid her way through university.  She published a series of cooking and lifestyle books, appeared on several TV programmes, became the host and star of a series, and created her own magazine.

Merging all of her ventures under the one company, Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Stewart was reported to be the US’s first female self-made billionaire. But she was found guilty of fraud and obstruction of justice, and was sentenced to prison. After her release, Stewart organised a highly-publicised comeback. Stewart continues to publish books and appear on TV.

Key achievements

  1. Stewart authored dozens of newspaper columns, magazine articles and other pieces on homemaking
  2. Her magazine Martha Stewart Living peaked at more than two million copies sold per issue
  3. Stewart began a weekly half-hour service program based on her magazine, which was quickly expanded to a daily format, and weekend showings.

Lessons for your store

  1. Create a frugal culture – Stewart once said that it is important to make clear to employees that you intend to monitor spending.
  2. Surround yourself with what you aspire to– Martha liked to surround herself with beautiful décor, people and food.
  3. Focus on the positive – when things went wrong for Stewart, she learned to do this and let go of the bad bits of her business.