Find somewhere away from your business that is busy with people all around you. It could be a coffee shop, a bar, a restaurant. Sit down and write some notes explaining what you think needs to be done to improve your business.

I find that when I am sitting in a busy location away from the shop, I am able to have a perspective on my business that is detached, and is more useful. The ideas that flow from this are ideas I’d tend not to get when I am at the store.

So, take yourself out of the business and write to your ‘other self’ at the business, about what needs to be done. Be brutal and clear. Prioritise the list. Given that time is not on your side, mark the items on the list that are not negotiable. The non-negotiable things are the ones you have to promise yourself to do.

My experience is that newsagents are opinionated about other businesses they see. The goal of this post is to direct that back so that your business benefits.