With so many different types of breakfasts now available to customers – from cereal and toast to fry-ups and biscuit bars – it can be difficult to know what to stock. As a weekend favourite, bacon is just one ingredient that can help you grow your breakfast sales, and here’s how.

“Cooked breakfasts – be it a bacon butty or a full English fry-up – continue to be a popular choice for customers, especially over weekends,” says Katherine Broadley, senior brand manager at Heinz Tomato Ketchup. It’s over these two crucial days where the biggest opportunity lies, according to Ms Broadley, and by simply making sure you have a good range of the basic ingredients – including bacon, mushrooms and eggs –  you will save your customers from traipsing to the supermarket on a lazy Sunday morning.

Outside of the chiller, Ms Broadley emphasises the importance of condiments – namely tomato ketchup, brown sauce and mayonnaise – and baked beans as popular accompaniments to any cooked breakfast. “To encourage customers to buy everything they need from you, put condiments such as Heinz Tomato Ketchup and HP Sauce at the end of the bacon aisle,” she says. Given the fact that just under half of all HP sauce consumption happens over the weekend, having these well-known brands can act as signposts and increase sales even more.

If you want to find out how to use four other popular breakfast items to cater to your customers’ needs, don’t miss out on this week’s RN issue.