Large formats, £1 products and premium brands are driving profits in independent stores, the latest What to Stock report from RN has revealed.

The report, which will be distributed free with next week’s issue of RN, has charted sales and distribution increases for these formats across 3,000 independent businesses in the UK in the past year.

Supplied by analysts EDFM, the data revealed giant formats including Cadbury Dairy Milk 360g, Surf Classic Fresh Powder 38 Washes and an assorted 30-pack box of Walkers crisps, all entered the top 25 listings in their categories for the first time as shoppers continued to prioritise local convenience shopping.

“Big boxes of powder offering 110 to 30 washes were slow sellers initially but in the last six months we’ve sold a box a week,” said Harry Patel of Kwiksave in Warlingham, Surrey.

The £1 pricepoint has also continued to gain prominence. Around 14% of the 775 products featured in the 31 charts sold for this price in the past year – up from 10% in 2016. This includes new entrants Walkers 100g bags and a vast array of biscuits, chocolate blocks and sharing bags.

Meanwhile, the sales opportunity offered by premium gins, vodkas and proseccos is highlighted by chart rises for Russian Standard, Vino Spumante, Sipsmith, Grey Goose and Cîroc. Premium coffee brands including Carte Noir and Nescafé Azera also rose up the sales charts.

“I’ve seen a gradual change in my spirits sales. Gin is now fashionable and premium vodka like Cîroc is selling well,” said Danny Wilson, owner of eight One Stop stores in and around Scarborough.

The data also revealed a hike in tobacco prices following EUTPD ii legislation. The average selling price of the top 25 rolling tobacco packs is now between £10.20 and £18.91 – up from £2.82-£18.91 last year.

What To Stock collects data from 3,000 shops and in 31 different categories to give you the best data for your business.