Last year a £2.36bn was spent on canned grocery – that’s an average of £90.09 per household. As a market that has been a stalwart for convenience stores since the early years, it’s easy to forget that – like any category – it requires maintenance and a bit of TLC to ensure you continue to profit. RN spoke to one Happy Shopper retailer – Amandeep Singh in Barnsley – who sticks to three simple rules that keeps his canned goods sales strong.

  • Put mainstream brands next to their value alternative

Coupling mainstream stream brands next to budget alternatives is a greatway to highlight your range, letting customers know that they have a wide array of options. This is also makes purchasing decisions a lot easier for customers, who can easily compare the different price offers for similar products.

  • Use pricemarking and promotions to bolster consumer confidence

This works really well if you follow the above rule about merchandising. For example, we stock pricemarked Heinz Beanz at 95p, and position the Happy Shopper baked beans next to it with the promotion of two for £1. Brand-loyal customers will appreciate the pricemarked Heinz, and value-led customers will know they are getting a very good price with Happy Shopper.

  • Prioritise bestsellers over variety

There’s no point in having five different varieties of a mainstream brand if they don’t sell. We know the products our customers like, and we double face them, which I believe is far more profitable than having a wider variety of single faced products.

If you want to find out more top-tips on how to maintain your soups and canned goods, as well as insight to key market trends, take a look at our feature coming up 10 October.