Kent retailer Jazz Goraya, who runs a Nisa Local store with his father Harry, is this week’s specialist in RN’s guide to selling alcohol at Christmas. Here’s his advice on planning ahead and growing sales for the festive season.

Using alcohol as his store’s point of difference means that Jazz goes the extra mile at Christmas to distinguish himself from his competition. His wine range plays a key role in achieving this.

With the help of Treasury Wine Estate, Jazz has expanded his premium range and is working on shelf strips and fins fixtures to split his wine into four categories – ‘full red’, ‘fruity red’, ‘smooth white’ and ‘fresh, crisp and fruity white’. “This will make it much easier for customers to select a wine to their taste, and help drive sales at Christmas when customers tend to buy a lot more wine,” he says.

Premium spirits is another focus during Christmas, and in the run up to the season Jazz’s father will make a trip to their supplier to scout out unusual gift boxes and up-market brands. “We highlight them in our premium sprits cabinet with Christmas PoS to attract customers when they come to do their Christmas shop,” he says.

  1. Spend time on your wine layout

The number of customers browsing our wine section sky-rockets at Christmas, so it’s important the layout is really easy to navigate.

  1. Have a good range of gift boxes

Gift boxes always sell well at Christmas thanks to last-minute shoppers, and this year we’re trying out a new Polish cherry-flavoured vodka that comes with a flask.

  1. Give premium wine a prominent position

This is the first year we’ve started giving more space to wine priced over £10, and it’s selling a lot faster than I expected. For Christmas I’m planning on putting them on stand-alone displays to encourage purchases.

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