Fresh and chilled is one of the toughest categories to get right. Here are the top 10 ways, according to leading suppliers and retailers, that you can get an excellent range in place.

  1. Talk to your customers to find out what is missing in the local area.
  2. Start small. Introduce a few popular lines, such as tomatoes and mushrooms and then expand. This will help you avoid making a big investment at the start.
  3. Merchandise your fresh and chilled section in a way that helps shoppers buy everything they need for lunch or an evening meal.
  4. Have a plan to minimise your waste. If you make food to go in your store, use it there or have a promotional box where customers can buy it cheap.
  5. Go local. When it comes to fresh, the less time between it being picked and being on your shelf the better, so local farms are often the best choice.
  6. Have a value range too so that price-driven shoppers are not forgotten.
  7. Stock interesting, quality produce such as heritage carrots or candy beetroots that shoppers can’t get anywhere else.
  8. Fresh & chilled is a team effort. Training your staff enables you to deliver quality at all times.
  9. Cater for different shopping habits. Some customers will not buy single fruit and veg, so stock the most popular items in bags as well.
  10. Make sure your range is well-promoted on Facebook, Twitter and with leaflets.

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