Tchibo rolling out new Smokin’ Bean coffee machine into convenience

The machine is also accompanied by a rebrand for the firm's products

Tea leaves coffee beans

Tchibo has begun the rollout of a new Smokin’ Bean coffee machine into independent convenience stores.

Called Premio, the new machine requires 1m squared of space, a 13AMP electricity supply, and water supply. The targeted store profile is a convenience store which sells 15 or more cups per day. Sixteen drinks are available, with powdered and fresh milk options. Retailers can either pay £16.99 per day for the machine, or have it on a profit share model ranging from 30% to 60% of annual sales.

The machine is also accompanied by new branding for the firm’s products under the Miriam’s Blend banner. It is part of a new sustainability drive for the firm, who is targeting full traceability of its products to ethical origins.

One independent retailer, who is one of the first in England to receive the new machine, told Better Retailing: “I’ve decided to go with Tchibo over another company because they’re easier to work with. The new machine looks really good and it will provide a good opportunity for my store.”


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