Since Bestway replaced its Best-in own-label range with Best-one, Cheshire retailer Gareth Hooton has seen sales increase and is adding new lines every month

Last August, Best-one’s own-label range went through a name change and packaging revamp, which has resulted in a 19% increase in sales for its retailers. 

“Best-one has really upped the quality of its own-label. The company is also backing it with more advertising and deals to help us drive sales,” says Gareth Hooton, owner of Best-one Hootons in Cheshire. 

Bestway also launched Best-one Inspired, a range of premium own-label lines that 77% of consumers said they would buy in consumer testing. “The lines represent great value for money compared to the big brands. Our sales are growing in frozen, while lines like own-label energy drinks perform very well,” Gareth says.

The range offers retailers a point of difference as multiples’ own label becomes more common in stores. “The new name is much better for us too as it matches the shop,” Gareth explains.

Alkesh Pankhania, Best-one Sunbury, Surrey


“We started replacing Best-in with Best-one lines last September and it’s gone very well. 

“It coincided with us celebrating being open for 15 years so we held a big event outside our shop, cooked curries for passers-by and gave out free samples of the new own label.

“We gave away goodie bags that contained biscuits, popcorn and groceries and gave Best-one juices to children. 

“It was a great way of getting our shoppers excited about the new range and encouraged them to give it a go. It’s got a much better reputation among our shoppers now as a result of all the changes.

“We’ve got a very good relationship with the team at Best-one and our business development manager is always keen to help us when we have events. 

“If you support Best-one then they will support you. It’s a great partnership.”