Nisa retailers say they do not fear losing footfall to nearby Co-ops following the supermarket’s decision to reduce the price of more than 600 products.

Co-op is investing £50m into dropping the price of its own-brand range of fruit, vegetables and ready meals alongside products from major suppliers by an average of 14%.

The products will be available to Nisa retailers in the future following a decision by the Competition and Markets Authority in March over the proposed Co-op Nisa takeover. However, they are not on offer yet.

Jack Matthews, of Nisa Bradley’s Supermarkets in Quorn, said he does not feel the reductions will affect him, despite having a Co-op nearby.

“Some products are similarly priced to those in NIsa, so I’m not worried. For example, packs of Andrex are now £2.25 while loaves of Warburtons are now £1.05,” said Mr Matthews. “Customers want value, but quality customer service is the most important thing, which independent retailers are the best at offering.”

Rav Garcha, who runs five Nisa stores, said he looked forward to being able to offer the Co-op range: “We’ll have to wait and see the full list of products, but the flipside is a benefit to our overall range.”

“We’ll have Nisa products alongside the Co-op lines at a similar price and this can only help attract more customers,” he said.

Commenting on the price reduction, Co-op Retail chief executive Jo Whitfield said: “Many shoppers feel the pinch after Christmas and we are committed to offering our customers value for money and cutting prices.”

“These price cuts are part of our strategy to keep attracting shoppers through the door.”

A Booker spokeswoman told RN the wholesaler is constantly reviewing prices while Nisa and A.F. Blakemore & Son declined to comment when asked if they would be offering similar reductions.