Family Shopper’s great value has enabled Radha Krishna Kumar to thrive in his store’s location

The Facts

Average store size: 1,400sq ft

Average weekly turnover: £16,000

Number of UK retail members: Over 80

Cost of joining: Free

Family Shopper is a discount format for independent retailers that brings together the strength of symbol retailing with the great value available in the discount channel. 

It has been specifically developed to help independent retailers capture the growing sales and profits from the discount sector. 

The unique discount format provides retailers with everything that shoppers would expect from a convenience store, including chilled, alcohol, grocery and tobacco, along with services such as Lotto and PayPoint. This is then combined with the best of the discounters, covering a fantastic range of £1 non-food items such as stationery, kitchen utensils and party accessories, with
a broad seasonal offering and frozen section. 

“The fact we can offer great value with brands and own-label lines is key to our business,” Radha Krishna Kumar explains.

Family Shopper retailers can take advantage of ‘Spend & Save’, along with delivery at cash and carry prices, ordering online and having the ease and convenience of shopping at Booker branches.

Why stay

Ketan Kanabar
Family Shopper Raunds, Grantham

“We’re in a residential area, so it’s key to offer good value and promotions to build customer loyalty. 

“Family Shopper gives us excellent support, with short-term promotions that change every month, and long-term deals that customers know they can come back and pick up again. For example, we have an offer where you can mix-and-match any two of bread, milk, sugar, eggs or bacon for £1.75, which is really popular with customers.

“They’ve also been flexible and supportive in terms of how we structure our range. 

“We source the majority of our products – perhaps 85% – through them, but they also help us promote our products from local, independent suppliers, such as beer and sandwiches.”

Why join

Radha Krishna
Kumar Family Shopper Glynneath, South Wales


Great value: “We’re located in South Wales, where my shoppers are price conscious, so promotions are always very good value. People appreciate the own-brand lines, Happy Shopper and
Euro Shopper.” 

Size and variety: “Through Family Shopper, my customers can do their full shop. Great prices on core products like milk and bread bring people into the store, then they can get everything for a full grocery shop.”

Shared ideas: “Family Shopper runs forums where you can meet with representatives and other retailers to share ideas and advice. They’ll talk to you about what your customers are looking for, discuss prices and promotions.”

Join us

Telephone: 01933 371 757