Blu has pledged to increase the educational support it provides retailers amid concerns there is a lack of awareness about vaping.

Speaking at the London Vape Show last week, Blu communications manager George Tucker told RN the support would involve more interaction. “Many retailers I’ve spoken to don’t know where to start. They need support to build up their knowledge of vaping.

“The support we will provide will include roundtables and forums, while we’ll also have a field team and will provide educational material such as leaflets. Education is essential and we want retailers to know the differences between devices and the best ways to sell vaping products.”

Samantha Coldbeck, of Wharfedale Premier in Hull, said: “There needs to be more education because vaping is highly profitable. Education should also look at grey stock, however.”

Mr Tucker’s comments come as the Science and Technology Committee released a report this month recommending vaping as a smoking deterrent. “The report can boost awareness and have a positive impact,” said Mr Tucker.

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